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PDA in Leadership at SCQF level 8

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Event Location In your workplace
Date/Time at your convenience
Cost £600

Who does this qualification suit?

The PDA is designed for those who provide direction, motivating and leading the work of others. It is suited to those leaders with responsibility for the work of others seeking to consolidate and strengthen their skills and feel ready to move up to leading larger functions or departments, more complex projects and/or leading other team leaders

PDA in Leadership at SCQF level 8 offers candidates the opportunity to develop their management competence in providing direction and leading in your area of responsibility. Candidates who successfully complete the award will gain a number of benefits, including:

The PDA in Leadership at SCQF level 8 consists of two Units, both of which are mandatory:

BA9 Develop and Implement Operational Plans (SCQF Credit points 11 SCQF level 8)

BA2 Provide Leadership in Your Area of Responsibility (SCQF Credit points 9 SCQF level 8)

Total 20 SCQF Credit Points



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