A Caring Career

Now, more than ever the critical role of the care sector has never been so clear. Whether you're caring for children, vulnerable people or the elderly, your role matters. Working in the care sector is a profession like no other.

Quest provides a range of professionally recognised care sector qualifications. You might be a veteran of the sector looking to add a recognised qualification to your years of experience. Or, maybe, you’re just at the start of your care career. Whatever stage you’re at, training can -

  1. Enable you to work in the sector
  2. Develop practical care skills
  3. Enhance your care career
  4. Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  5. Give you confidence

Enhancing Your Team

If you’re a manager, leader or owner of a care based business you’ll know just how critical your team is to your success. Having a fully qualified team provides you with -

  1. Motivated employees
  2. Confident employee
  3. Improved workplace practices
  4. Peace of mind

Social Services and Healthcare Qualifications


Level 6 SVQ - Support Workers

This qualification will take between 7 and 11 months. Depending on the options taken you will end up with between 51 and 58 SCQF Level 6 credits.

Level 7 SVQ - Practitioners

This Practitioner focused qualification will take between 9 and 14 months to complete. By the end of that time you’ll have completed between 69 and 84 SCQF level 7 credits.

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Social Services (Children and Young People) Qualification Level 7 SVQ


This qualification is aimed at Residential Childcare workers and Day Care practitioners. The qualification will take between 9 months and 14 months. Once completed you will have gained between 68 and 93 Level 7 SCQF credits.

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Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)

All our care qualifications meet the requirements of the SSSC which enable carers to work. You can find our more by visiting - https://www.sssc.uk.com/registration/help-with-register-parts-fees-and-qualifications/

Apprenticeship Opportunities

We work closely with Councils across Scotland delivering Modern Apprenticeships in Childcare. In addition, we offer Foundation Apprenticeships which are available for 5th and 6th year school pupils in Health and Social Care as well as Childcare.

We’d love to discuss how we can support you. Please get in touch with Laura Mason laura@questscotland.co.uk to find out more.

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