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The role of managers, supervisors and team leaders has never been more important. They are the army of humans that bring the senior leadership teams vision and strategy to life. Without effective and confident management even the best of plans will fail. And, at Quest, we know that confident management requires confident managers.

Quest is committed to the training and development of managers. We deliver a range of qualifications that develop the practical skills necessary to manage in today’s complex world. Training can assist managers to 

  1. Build your professional reputation
  2. Develop practical management skills
  3. Enhance your personal development
  4. Improve your personal performance
  5. Improve your teams performance
  6. Gain a recognised qualification
  7. Support your teams development

Solutions for Management Development   sqa

Quest provides a range of highly regarded management qualifications as well as Tailor Made Training Solutions. 

The qualifications can be vocational where they are completed in the workplace by building a portfolio of evidence of your work. These include Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and vocational Professional Development Awards (PDAs).

If you want some training workshops as well as a qualification the PDAs in Leadership and Management may be right for you. Although these are also called PDAs these are non-vocational qualifications andinclude 3 days of training and then completion of a Project to achieve the qualification. The training can be delivered for one organisation or you can attend our Open Training Programmes. 

Certification comes from the Scottish Qualifications Authority and is jointly accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. 

If a qualification is not a focus Quest can design and deliver tailor-made Training Solutions which can be delivered on site or online and always at a time and place to suit your business. 

1. Vocational 

Management SVQ/PDA roadmap


There are 3 different SVQ's.

  • Management Level 11
    • Aimed at - Business Owners, Directors and Senior Managers who lead an organisation.
  • Management Level 9
    • Aimed at - Managers who can change strategy, encourage and implement innovation.
  • Management Level 7
    • Aimed at - First line managers and supervisors who manage people and resources.

Not sure which SVQ is right for you?

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Vocational Professional Development Award (PDA)

PDAs are shorter, more focussed qualifications. They are normally made up of two units from an SVQ.

Managing Yourself and the Work of Others 
This is a level 7 PDA consisting of two units from the Management Level 7 SVQ. It’s ideal for individuals who don’t want to commit to the whole SVQ.

It consists of the following two level 7 modules -

  • Manage People's Performance at Work (DB4 14 Credits)
  • Develop your knowledge, skills and competence (AA2 7 Credits)

The PDA is completed in the same way as the SVQ and takes 4-6 months.

In addition there are also 2 further PDA options open to you. (Click on each to find out more.)

2. PDAs (non vocational)

Information for Level 6 and 7

These qualifications involve taking part in 3 days of training sessions, followed by some written assessments and a management task or project. This would suit newly qualified supervisors or those aspiring to be a manager or indeed, those who are managers but have not had training in 'how to' manage well.

These PDAs are available at level 6 and 7. Both involve attending training for 3 days and completion of a management task or project. The topics include

1.       Leadership and Management

2.       Communication and Feedback

3.       Managing your team

4.       Challenge Change and Performance

5.       Planning, change and project management

You would then attend one further meeting to plan your management task or project and what you do will normally determine which level you can complete.  The implementation of the task, is crucial to putting in place the learning from the training sessions and should support your personal development as well as benefit your organisation.


Standalone Workshops and Learning Programmes


You might want training only without the qualification and we can design and deliver a variety of programmes for your business. Our workshops are focused on your aims and objectives, always designed to be interactive and encourage action afterwards.