Training key members of your team to deliver professional level training adds so much more flexibility to your organisation. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing training, a ‘train the trainer’ qualification can help you raise the level of your delivery.

And, because your new trainers will have an SQA recognised qualification, they’ll have the credentials to deliver with confidence.

If you deliver vocational or classroom qualifications an assessor or verifier qualification will be required.

From training your own team to delivering training sessions to your customers, we can help you level-up your in-house training capabilities. We’ve built our reputation over the years as leaders in the ‘train the trainer’ market and we’d like to help you get to where you need to be.

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Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups (PDTSG)

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With a PDTSG qualification, you'll have the ability to confidently deliver training to others. You'll also have an SQA approved certificate at level 6 to show for your efforts.

The course is structured with a balanced blend of theory and practice.

  • 3 workshop days / 3 virtual sessions
  • Day 3 is a practical session
  • Reflective written report

We give our delegates the opportunity to put the theory into practice in a safe environment. Getting positive and constructive feedback from fellow students as well as the course tutor is a central part of the course and in building confidence. Book Now


An absolutely fantastic training program with focus on delivering exciting, fun and interaction learning sessions to engage learners to the full. I've attended and completed many ‘train the trainer’ courses in the past, but nothing like this. Well presented with loads of invaluable advice and resources to make learning fun. All of this, delivered by Laura, with great humour and making the learning interesting and engaging.

Garry Millen (BSW Timber)


PDA in Training and Development for Delivery to Groups 

This qualification is open to individuals that hold a PDSTG.

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The course is structured to build on what you’ve already learned.

  • Attend a 2 hour induction
  • Prepare a lesson
  • Deliver lesson in your workplace
  • Write supporting statements
  • Assessor Qualifications

We offer a broad range of assessor certifications. You can become an assessor or verifier for subjects you are competent in. The assessor and verifier qualifications differ depending on whether you’re assessing in the workplace or in a class.

L&D9DI - Assess workplace competence using direct methods

Is for assessing vocational qualifications. Quest has supported assessors in hairdressing, care, management, admin, customer service, waste management, childcare and landscaping to name a few. You need to work with 2 candidates who are working towards vocational qualifications. L&D9DI Information Pack

L&D11 - Conduct internal quality assurance of the assessment process

This is for verifying vocational qualifications. Typically, you will be a competent assessor for the subjects you will verify. L&D 11 Information Pack

HN Conduct the assessment process

For assessing classroom and non-vocational qualifications. We can support assessors here for First Aid, Lifeguard, Massage to name a few. Conduct the Assessment Process Information

HN Conduct the internal verification process

You will be a competent assessor before undertaking this qualification. 

The Quest Train the Trainer Difference

Our ‘train the trainer’ qualification isn't unique, but our approach to it is. We take time to understand your needs and the needs of each candidate. That gives us the ability to adapt our delivery and make the most of the learning opportunity. Throughout the process we communicate with our students as well as the business that employs them. We know our training will only be a true success if it makes a real difference to both. We can deliver this as an Open Programme or for one business (minimum 5 people).

Interested in taking this course yourself? Or are you responsible for securing ‘train the trainer’ for others?

Either way we'd love to hear from you.