Safe Sale of Alcohol

Scottish Certificate for the Safe Sale of Alcohol: eLearning

Quest (Scotland) Ltd is delighted to introduce this eLearning programme which will support you if you sell alcohol and is a requirement under the Licensing Scotland Act (2005.)

If you need a refresher or are new to selling alcohol, it will benefit you in recognising your role and keeping up to date with current requirements of the Law.

The eLearning programme allows you to learn at a time that suits you. You need to complete all parts of the eLearning and pass the quiz at the end to receive your certificate from Quest.

All you need is an internet connection, a web browser and a personal desire to complete the training.

Safe Sale of Alcohol Programme Content

1.     Introduction to the eLearning programm

2.     What is alcohol and the issues with it?

3.     The effects of alcohol

4.     Knowledge of British Standards

5.     Calculating a unit of alcohol

6.     Common myths about alcohol

7.     Other rules about serving alcohol

8.     The people involved

9.     Different types of licenses

10.  Operating and Layout plans

11.  Your conduct

12.  Control of order

13.  Children, young people and licensing

14.  Test purchasing and proof of age schemes

15.  End of training multiple choice test

Your investment:

Price per person = £55 including VAT

The investment includes: elearning access, certificate of completion.


Why Quest Scotland?

Over the last 14 years we’ve helped thousands of people to achieve more through tailored learning and development training. We’re passionate believers that the right training and on-going support can make a dramatic difference to the individual and of course, the organisation. Our ongoing partnership with the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) ensures we are at the forefront of the learning & development industry in Scotland.